Hey, first off, love your work and style and just everything :D! Now, I was wondering if you have any kinds of tips on how to learn colorising? Or is it really just a matter of patience and practice?


Hey thx again Anon !

I’m not patient at all, I want result really fast and right know :D. I think it shapes my coloring style.

I think what matters is story. Drawing and coloring skills will come along at least an “honest skill”, I don’t think I’m really good with technic I just do what I need to tell my stories and make believe people that I can draw everything. If you really have something really strong  and deep for you, you’ll work everything out until you get what you want and it is an endless adventure !

but here a tips, I don’t know if it is a good tips or not, it is just based on my personnal experience, don’t know if it’s true or not. But it took me years to understand that. It might not work for you as I like to work with opaque brushes. So each color I pickup is the right one.

I only use the “triangle” color wheel and can’t work colors without it.

I mainly work with what I call “movement on the color wheel” and comparaison of two colors on the canvas.

movement to the down and up is value.

movement to the left is desaturation, movement to the right is saturation.

What you will notice with the triangle is that you will get the most saturate color only at mid value.

It helps a lot to know that, You have more color range to trick the eyes of people at middle value.

So, the combination of value movement+ desaturation/saturation movement will create color temperature.

after that, its all about your eyes trying to see what color is colder or warmer than the other. I wish I could give more explanations ‘cause there is also movement on the wheel and much more than that but my english is not good enough.

With a rectangulare color picker it’s like :

Of course, at the end is all about what your eyes see, so we all should be able to work on a rectangular color picker by practicing but it can be very hard for a beginner (and a colorblind like me :D ahahahohohohihi)

Now you all know my secret, it’s a really cold and “robotic” way to work colors but it works for me. ^^

I close the “ask me anything” for a while, I need to focus on my work.




I add those 4 pictures to my print shop, if any of you are interested :D.

link here :

Fucking lovely colors!



Backgrounds: The Set Up.

A continuation for fungii on how I tackle backgrounds.

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